"At N Space Labs, I combine information management with data visualization, enabling my clients to make informed decisions. I am a programmer, statistician


and storyteller developing open source based web solutions."

 –– Founder, Doug Shore



On election day 2008, CNN televised graphics prepared by N Space showing the results of a national voter hotline. N Space's web platform served as the project research hub for CNN editors, legal advocates and operators who classified voter complaints into over 90 categories. During the day, over 50,000 voice messages were processed and N Space provided live data and analysis feeds to CNN, CNN.com, and to John King's Magic Wall.


N Space worked with Waste Management's Security and Real Estate departments to determine which of their thousands of facilites were the most valued and at the highest risk (probabilistic risk assessment using a weighted linear classification model). N Space geographically linked 5 previously disconnected databases to allow managers to do a comprehensive assessment at the facility level.  We also developed a street level crime map to offset costly commercial crime reporting.


N Space is the sole developer of AlignStar Online, a web companion product to TTG Incorporated's AlignStar desktop business mapping software, which is used for sales and marketing analysis, territory design and optimization. AlignStar Online employs web services that integrate a tiled national street level mapping interface with a remote central database allowing managers in the field to analyze and edit their territories visually. The multi-threaded application was optimized to minimize server traffic without impacting the user interactive experience.


Over 2,000,000 voters have located their polling place by using N Space's online poll locater which is part of the League of Women Voters Vote411.org suite of voter services. Powered by Yahoo, N Space worked with Yahoo engineers to optimize the performance of database transactions for heavy election day traffic, and worked with InfoVoter Technologies to prep polling place data state by state for national coverage.




We provide solutions to our clients needs that require the following:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Machine Learning
  • Algorithm Development
  • Information Architecture, UI/UX
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Profiling and Optimization

We rely heavily on open source solutions and have experience with the following:

  • Linux, AWS/EC2
  • Python, Java, PHP, Perl
  • C, Assembler, Microcode
  • NumPy/SciPy
  • Javascript MV*, jQuery/UI
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • OpenLayers, TileCache/WMS-C, MapServer
  • Subversion, Git, trac
  • Django, Apache

N Space Labs is an approved Microsoft vendor.


Brooklyn, NY

Doug Shore has over 20 years of experience in the research and development of computer software and hardware products. As a founder of N Space Labs he has developed desktop and web applications related to information management and data visualization. Prior to N Space Labs, he served as the lead architect of the memory subsystem of a next generation SPARC microprocessor for ROSS Technology Inc., Austin, TX.  He is a co-inventor on two allowed patent applications pertaining to the architecture of high performance out-of-order speculatively executed microprocessors. His expertise includes programming, user interface design, information architecture, data mining, machine learning, technical management, product development and verification, GIS, hardware modeling and simulation, and integrated circuit design.


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  • Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction (4th Edition)
    Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant


phone: (646) 729-5393

N Space Labs is located in Carroll Gardens a neighborhood of Brooklyn NY.  When Doug is not programming he can be found lap swimming at the Y.